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Scholarship Application

The Dan Kelly Foundation (DK4) is committed to helping kids thrive by providing athletic opportunities for children of all ages, skill levels, and diverse backgrounds. We believe that sports can harness the power in kids by building character and confidence, teaching perseverance and teamwork, which ultimately fosters the development of skills needed for responsible citizenship.


The DK4 Foundation was established to provide priceless athletic opportunities through the funding of athletic camps, tournaments, coaching, and friendly community competitions.


We encourage those individuals and organizations that align with our mission to apply for grant funding. Currently, we are awarding funding in thousand-dollar denominations. Applications can be obtained online and submitted by email to


Our applications are reviewed by the foundation's Grant Screening Committee with a particular focus on the following principles:

- How will the applicant's use of the grant proceeds further the mission of the foundation?

- Considering all grants made to date, how will the approval of the application further the overall mission of the foundation to provide athletic opportunities for children of all ages and diverse backgrounds?

- Does the foundation have the available funding for the requested grant?

If the Grant Screening Committee recommends approval, the application will be presented to the Board of Directors for a final decision.


Applicants will be notified by both email and phone within 4 weeks of the submission.

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