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About Dan

The legacy of Dan Kelly can be found in the way he lived. A man of great wit, wisdom, and heart, his actions were lessons for others. Among them: Family first, work hard, really hard, but don't forget to dance a little, especially if you own a pair of white bucks. Get a dog. Take out the trash. Learn to skate. Give someone a second chance. Fairness matters. There's always time for a friend and a Guinness. Shop local and love your neighbors. Always have a sense of humor. If you are sick keep fighting like hell.


A consummate friend, mentor, and storyteller, Dan coached and volunteered in the community for decades, spending his life connecting people to possibilities, especially children. Maybe it was an encouraging word, a funny story, a pat on the back. Dan was always inviting someone to do something beyond what they thought was possible, helping them thrive.

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